Monday, May 27, 2013

So it begins

For those of you concerned, I am C, or Olive, or Photo, or whatever you’d like to call me. And for those of you completely and utterly concerned, here is some minor details about myself:

I am a writer. So guess what that means? Long posts for the days I’m inspired, and short posts for the days I can’t handle the words writer, writing, novel, and blog post due today. Don’t expect much for another week or so. June holds more than summer!

I am a photographer. So that means that you’ll see more pictures than you’d probably like, and I’ll probably torture you all with photography ideas and tips. Don’t worry, it’ll only happen every other post.

I am a reader. So I guess you’ll get a lot of rambles on how much I hate an author for destroying a book (or books) and I guess that’s sort of a normal blog post type thingy, so no biggie there.

I suppose that is about it for now.

Till Tomorrow,


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